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Stucco Water Damage Repair, Fort Myers, FL

Stucco siding such as the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) or the hardcoat stucco or commonly called traditional stucco are an all-weather exterior cladding system. Both are known for their durability and resiliency despite harsh weather conditions. More so, these types of stucco are developed to withstand the test of time. The industry average lifespan of a properly installed and applied stucco system is at least a decade but can last up to five to six decades. But proper maintenance and care are required in order for your stucco to last a lifetime. A few basic cleaning which can come in handy is needed. Regular rinsing of non-pressurized water helps to keep dust and mud from building up. If you can do this, you can enjoy the lifetime quality of your hardcoat stucco or EIFS system.

Water Damage on Your Stucco

Water damage is very common in stucco and your stucco foam. Despite having its durable and resilient quality which makes it an all-weather exterior cladding system, stucco siding can also be subjected to damages through constant water exposure.

Water exposure can create stucco cracks and stucco holes. Most of the time, and at its early stage, stucco damage due to water exposure may be invisible or hard to spot. Without the proper knowledge, stucco’s water damage can be problematic since you can only spot them when they are big enough already causing stains and molds to manifest on the surface.

Water damage from stucco is frequent when incorrect or poor installation is done. Usually, stucco repair contractors without proper training and knowledge of the product miss some integral steps in the installation process. Because of this, tiny spots of holes or cracks and even unpatched portions of the cladding allow air, moisture, and water to come through. Constant exposure to water can make the inner layers of the stucco brittle and causes it to break or snap.

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How to spot damage on your stucco?

Without any knowledge of stucco, it is really hard to spot a damaged portion. In many cases, damages can come from the inside making it practically invisible to the eye. Stucco repair cracks are common because of many reasons including minor earthquakes, a blunt object hitting the surface or damage from water. If it happens that your stucco has damage, do not worry as there are surely stucco repair services in your area.

Stucco stains from water damage are common. The best thing is that stains are easily removed with proper chemical solutions that should not be harmful to you or the environment. Usually, stucco stains can trigger your stucco foam to break down. This is because stains are markings and a clear indication of constant water inside your stucco wall cladding. Secondly, stucco mold can be a serious threat to you and your family members’ health. Simply addressing the surface to remove the molds is not enough. For most of this problem, stucco foam can easily be affected by molds. Stucco repair services such as All American Stucco Repair recommend that the entire wall and cladding system be treated to eliminate any remaining molds. Molds are resilient and therefore should be treated with appropriate measures including chemicals and solutions to eliminate them entirely. Lastly, the most common of all are stucco crack repairs which fundamentally are caused by continuous water exposure. Our stucco repair contractors usually receive inquiries about stucco crack repairs and stucco hole repairs and at least 95% of the time, the cause is water. This makes water a very common problem for stucco.

It is really hard to spot early damage on your stucco but it is not impossible. Early detection is better and should always be a practice for homeowners. In order to prevent your stucco siding to sustain massive damage or worst, collapsing, you have to spot on early signs of damage such as stains, small molds, and stucco holes, and stucco cracks. If you can see the stucco foam inside the wall cladding, it means that your stucco has been split open and needs stucco patch repair. This is very common most especially in the EIFS system. Make sure to check early signs of damage and immediately consult All American Stucco Repair expert craftsmen and stucco repair contractors in Fort Myers, and surrounding areas.

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Water damage is really annoying and at times, very inconvenient. In some cases, water can cause the wall to lean on one side or worst, collapse. Heavy downpours of rain for example can cause the stucco to sustain small cracks and holes. That is why it is important for the external walls of your house to receive an excellent stucco installation from stucco repair companies in Fort Myers, FL and nearby areas.

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