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Cement is the ultimate material for any construction. With years of research and development, manufacturing companies have come up with a more enhanced and superior construction material. Due to an overwhelming demand for better products, firms were pressured to create a holistic product that can address most if not all concerns in external walling systems. This gave birth to stucco siding which has two main product types – the hardcoat stucco or commonly known as traditional stucco and the EIFS system. Both products are superior compared to their predecessors. With its advanced technology, stucco has been largely preferred by homeowners and business owners in the United States. It has a fast-growing demand in the Middle East and the rest of Asia as well as in Europe.

What can sealing do to my stucco?

The use of Portland cement together with limestone, sand, and water has even improved tremendously the quality of stucco. Together, these raw materials create an overall impressive and high-performing product which is the stucco that we know today.

When talking with a stucco expert, you will surely be advised to have your external walls, specifically your stucco sidings to be sealed. Stucco sealing material is different from waterproof paints. Waterproofing your walls by applying water-resistant paint protects the wall from the water. However, while you thought this is the answer to all of your worries, think again. Waterproofing can only protect the walls from water but not from all external elements such as heat, wind, and dirt. Most of the time, waterproofing makes the walls slightly tacky which attracts and contracts dirt. Dirt can damage the color of the walls. In many cases, when cleaning thick dirt from your walls, one can accidentally remove the paint when brushing too hard.

Sealing your stucco siding by applying a proper sealant does not just protect it from water but as well as dirt, heat, and wind. It also has a clean and smooth finish making it more protected from dirt build-up. Sealing your stucco improves its stylish look by giving a clean and smooth surface and it literally increases the lifespan of the walls.

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Why can sealing have more advantages?

Most of the time, if you are having a stucco siding for the external walls of your home, you will be asked to waterproof it at the end. While this is the right thing to do, it may not be the best for your stucco siding. When improperly applied, waterproofing can actually trap water, moisture, and air from the inside. As time passes by, the water trapped inside can cause the stucco to break and degrade. Sealing on the other hand does exactly the opposite of this. Stucco contractors and experts allow a specific time to be able to release all moisture and water from stucco. In many cases, it averages three to five hours to just cure a newly installed stucco siding. This three to five hour of curing allows all moisture to dry up before performing stucco sealing it with a special sealant solution made for stucco sidings.

Make sure to only call the experts when if you want quality stucco siding. There are many companies out there that have stucco installation services but not everyone is skilled enough to do it properly. In which case, the cost may be higher in the long run since you will be met with multiple headaches due to stucco repair cracks, stucco removal, stucco hole repair, stucco crack repair, and stucco foam repair. 

The Protection from Stucco Sealing

Stucco repair cracks and stucco hole repairs are usually caused by unsealed and untreated stucco siding. Expert stucco repair companies and stucco contractors usually encounter this problem at the rate of three out of five homeowners. Sealing the stucco is not a universal practice and can actually be skipped over by your stucco contractors. This is particularly true for companies that do not specialize in stucco siding repair. Specialized stucco companies such as All American Stucco Repair will definitely recommend that your stucco siding to be protected by sealing it at the end. While not required, it is an extra step to prolong the lifespan of a stucco siding or stucco ceiling.

Having your stucco sealed also enables the breathability of the walls. A professional work made by our stucco repair contractors and expert craftsmen guarantees that a breathable layer is in place. This is where stucco sealant can perform beyond the expected performance of waterproof paints.

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