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Stucco Patching and Waterproofing, Fort Myers, FL

There are many ways to protect your stucco. The industry’s best practices are waterproofing and sealing your stucco. But most of the time, both are undermined and are skipped in the process of stucco installation. More so, stucco patching is an integral process when treating small damages. These small damages such as stucco cracks and stucco holes can become larger when left untreated. The same applies when your stucco siding is left unsealed and not waterproofed.

For stucco companies, it is important for homeowners and business owners alike to understand the importance of waterproofing and stucco patching. Noble and honest stucco repair companies will definitely explain and make sure that you understand the importance of these steps.

What Can Stucco Patching Do to My Stucco?

Stucco patching is another way of addressing stucco cracks and stucco holes. These damages are common most especially for old stucco sidings. However, patching can only address a certain extent of the damage. Once the assessment has been made by the stucco repair contractors, they can determine if the stucco siding can be patched or opt for stucco removal. The ultimate goal is to address the issue with your stucco siding by either opting only for stucco repair or a brand-new stucco installation.

Stucco patching eliminates cracks and holes by applying a ready-mix solution. This solution is industrial-grade and can eliminate small to medium cracks and holes. Stucco patch is made up of a compound that solidifies when mixed with water. This solution is easy to spread with a thin and smooth consistency that looks similar to cement.

Stucco patching can be used for interior and exterior applications. It is easily used and applied and can be activated by just adding water to it. In about two to three hours, stucco patching solution can dry up easily even without sun exposure. A stucco that is treated with a stucco patch solution can maintain its beauty. At the same time, stucco siding can regain its durability and resiliency.

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Why do I need to waterproof my stucco?

It is not doubted that hardcoat stucco and EIFS stucco are naturally water repellent. Without any application of other coatings, it can repel water splashes with a 7 out of 10 grade. Comparing to its traditional predecessors, cement has a water repellent grade of 6 out of 10, and wood with a repellent grade of 4 out of 10. This scores position stucco as far superior from its alternatives. However, without any waterproofing assistance, the lifespan of stucco can go down to three short years only. Applying waterproof coating can increase the lifespan of stucco by at least a decade to which you are only required to do minor stucco siding repair.

The waterproof barrier makes stucco even tougher from direct exposure to water. This comes in handy most especially in places where rainfall is frequent and harsh. More so, it helps during winter when snow is thick.

How do I take care of my stucco exterior walls?

Two of the best way to ensure that your stucco is in good condition, you need to know a few basic tasks being the owner of your house in Fort Myers. One way of taking good care of your stucco walls is to ensure that it is not receiving any pressure from an object. Most of the homeowners use walls as support for heavy objects. The pressure that your stucco walls receive from another object may cause breakage or cracks. It is important to not use your walls as prolonged support for heavy objects. Secondly, a blunt object can cause cracks and holes. An accidental blow from a blunt object can easily break your stucco or damage its protective layers. Once a small opening is made, water can sip through it causing the inner layer to retain moisture. Making sure that your walls are not being hit with a blunt object will help avoid stucco crack repairs and stucco hole repairs. Lastly, washing your stucco siding with clean water with an unpressurized hose to get the dirt and mud off is essential. It is a simple way of maintaining the elegance of the wall and helps in getting rid of dirt build-up.

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Taking care of your stucco walls should not be a problem nor an option. If you want to get the best out of your stucco siding, basic care is needed. Otherwise, your walls will sustain damage such as cracks, holes, and flaking. Basic care is not a problem and should not be expensive. All you have to do is to consult with a stucco repair contractor and reliable stucco repair companies in Fort Myers, FL and nearby areas.

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