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Stucco Installation and Stucco Refinishing, Fort Myers, FL

Stucco is an inexpensive, superior, and commercial-grade masonry material. It has been used for both residential and commercial buildings. Many homeowners and business owners prefer stucco because of its quality and long lifespan compared to its predecessors. A properly installed and well-maintained stucco can last up to three to five decades. It is why most homeowners in Fort Myers, FL and the entire United States opted for a stucco solution because it is relatively the cheapest material for your external walls.

Stucco is an impressive cement technology that is made up of Portland cement, limestone, sand, and water. Together, these materials form a very durable and weather-resilient material. Its characteristics are mostly lightweight and water repellent. This means that a properly installed stucco can repel water splashes even without waterproofing and sealing. However, it is discouraged by most stucco repair companies because not doing the extra step of waterproofing and sealing defeats the purpose of a robust external wall. Besides, no construction material and product to date that is absolutely invulnerable to all sorts of damage.

What to expect during stucco installation?

Stucco installation is technical in nature. Unlike the application of traditional cement, stucco requires more skills and knowledge on the product. EIFS system for instance is a prefabricated stucco product that should come in very handy but require training and skills during installation. Stucco is relatively new and most stucco repair services, and stucco repair companies have not yet received enough training and certifications to secure mastery of the product.

Stucco installation is quicker. It can cut the turnaround time to half during stucco installation. Stucco companies such as All American Stucco Repair are able to finish medium to large projects in less than a week by employing enough expert craftsmen and seasoned stucco repair contractors. By doing this, we save you time and the hassle of having an ongoing construction in your home. 

A proper stucco installation must include waterproofing and sealing. In All American Stucco Repair, we made sure that all of the necessary processes are included during installation. We make sure that the moment we leave your property, your walls are up to the standard that it promises. Using and opting to either hardcoat stucco or EIFS system, we make sure that everything is complete and your walls are protected from harsh weather and climate conditions.

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Is Stucco Refinishing Necessary?

If you ask a stucco expert, in all aspects, stucco refinishing is very necessary. A couple of decade-old stucco may already be up for minor and major repairs depending on how well the stucco siding is maintained. Refinishing basically restores the beauty and functional ability of the stucco back to its original state. It prolongs the lifespan of the external walls of your house without even having to opt for stucco removal and stucco installation all over again.

Damage such as bubbling and blisters can result in cracks and holes. Bubbling and blisters often come up when your stucco has absorbed a certain amount of water and was not able to release it. Poor stucco sealing and waterproofing can cause this to happen. Hence, when left untreated, holes and cracks may become visible in just two to three weeks.

Stucco refinishing makes the stucco look brand new. It addresses cracks and holes by making sure that all small openings have received a stucco patch. In addition, refinishing also means bringing back the beauty of the stucco by leveling the color and the texture back to its original state. Stucco companies such as All American Stucco Repair specializes in stucco refinishing. We have stucco repair contractors and a team of expert craftsmen that are dedicated to delivering the best and most superior quality of stucco repair services that you can find in Florida.

How do you know that you are getting the quality stucco installation service?

The only thing to consider when considering opting for stucco is that you need to research on stucco companies. Many offers stucco siding repair, stucco crack repair, stucco ceiling repair, stucco wall repair, and stucco hole repair but cannot live up to their promise. Remember, poor installation and improper stucco refinishing only make the job even costly.

All American stucco Repair is one of the best stucco companies in Florida. We have clients’ testimonies and portfolios of our finished projects. We also do consultation and we never force you to engage with us until you are satisfied with what you need to hear. Our expert craftsmen and stucco repair contractors are the ones who will definitely explain and illustrate the benefits and advantages of stucco as well as its disadvantages and weaknesses. By giving this information, we are able to make our clients in Fort Myers understand that stucco is a superior product.

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Never let anyone do the stucco installation or stucco repair without even researching the company and its reputation. Picking up the phone and dedicating ten to fifteen minutes of interview and consultation can get you to know the company initially. If they do not pick up right away, it is already a clear indication that they cannot pick up the slack for you.

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