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Hardcoat Stucco Repair, Fort Myers, FL

Building a home is no easy task. Variables can be overwhelming and if you do not have any proper knowledge and without proper assistance with experts and contractors, you might end up spending more than double the right amount. Stucco companies might not tell you this, but they aim to increase profit by substantially decreasing the construction cost. The same reason why the quality of output is far from inferior compared to when hiring a good contractor. This is the reason why calling researching, canvassing and, finally calling the right stucco contractor is important most especially if you have a tight budget. Remember, there are many construction contractors and companies available but a few of them are worth the value of your money and time in Fort Myers, FL.

What is a Hardcoat Stucco?

Hardcoat stucco is one of the most durable types of stucco. It is commonly called traditional stucco because it is one of the earliest forms of stucco design technology. Hardcoat stucco is made up of limestone, sand, Portland cement, and water – all mixed up to form a very durable, resilient, and flexible product.

The utility of different stucco types can vary. You may choose which type of stucco do you prefer but at the end of the day, the assessment and finalization will always come from the expert. Stucco contractors usually assess many variables such as the climate, weather, type of house, aesthetics, and the humidity of the air. All of these factors and variables can differ from one state to another. An expert’s opinion from stucco repair companies will help you to choose the most optimal product for your house.

The Benefits of Hardcoat Stucco Repair

Most of us do not know this but hardcoat stucco also needs minor and major repairs. Despite the product’s robustness, durability, and resilience to many weathers and climate conditions, it is not absolutely safe from damages. It is a common misunderstanding that hardcoat stucco cannot be subjected to minor repairs. Usually, homeowners undermine small cracks and holes from their exterior stucco repair. What we do not know about these small cracks and holes is that they can become larger over time. Consistent exposure to rainfalls and heat from the sun can weaken the joints and edges of the cracked stucco siding. Also, holes are known to allow moisture and water down to unwanted parts of your stucco.

Repair is necessary as it prolongs the longevity of your stucco siding. Stucco patch for example improves portions of the stucco siding and increases its durability even more. Using stucco patch repair, our expert craftsmen can minimize any form of sustained damage from external factors. If you have to ask a stucco repair contractor, you will probably be advised to maintain and do some necessary repairs to your stucco siding. Otherwise, you will be forced to opt for stucco removal. When this happens, you will have to go the whole process over again, and this time, it will be costly.

Hardcoat stucco repair is always worth the price because you are avoiding even large expenses of when you have to opt for stucco removal and stucco installation. Our stucco contractors can do just about anything for your stucco siding repair needs. We offer EIFS repair, stucco patch repair, exterior stucco repair, stucco crack repair, stucco hole repair, and other stucco repair services.

Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled and are specialized to address any of your stucco problems and meet your needs. We have stucco repair contractors and expert craftsmen who have received certifications through training, orientations, and workshops. This certification guarantees our work in All American Stucco Repair as one of the best in Fort Myers, Florida. 

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We want to make sure that you are very satisfied and we reach beyond your expectation in all aspects of work. As we all know, construction produces many waste materials which may harm the environment and the immediate surroundings. In light of this, All American Stucco also aims to limit the waste of materials as we move to more green and responsible construction. We want to make sure that through our stucco repair services, other companies will follow and become a responsible steward of nature.

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