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EIFS Stucco Repair, Fort Myers, FL

Choosing which stucco type is best and optimal for your house is important. Usually, homeowners do this without any proper knowledge about stucco technology. All American Stucco and our expert consultants and stucco repair contractors can help you through the process of choosing the best stucco type and stucco foam for your home. We make sure that not only can we follow the aesthetics and design of your house, but to fully maximize the functionality of the stucco that we will use. This depends on many natural factors and weather variables such as heat, rain, wind, and dirt. By discounting these factors, you are risking your exterior stucco which may result in stucco crack repair or stucco hole repair.

What is EIFS system?

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System or commonly known as EIFS system is an excellent smart technology wall cladding. An insulated board which is attached on the external-most part of the cladding either through adhesive or mechanically prevents various natural elements to go through. It utilizes an external thermal insulation composite. The insulated finish surface on the outside is an excellent technology that allows homes and other structures to preserve and deflect heat and keeps moisture away. This technology helps to preserve the integrity of the building by keeping the internal layers maintain their optimal condition.

EIFS system uses an extruded polystyrene insulation which is integrated into a tough cement base coat and reinforced by a glass fiber mesh. EIFS system is an improved version of the traditional stucco or the hardcoat stucco and stucco siding since the demand for a better application came into the market.

There are two types of EIFS systems: 1) Barrier Wall System, 2) Wall Drainage System. Both types of systems have their own functionality and advantages. Because the EIFS system is prefabricated, it can come in various colors and textures. It also has impressive color retention characteristics which, through experience, can last up to a decade.

What Makes EIFS System Superior?

Like its hardcoat stucco counterpart, the EIFS system is very durable and compact. It has a weather resiliency grade of 9 out of 10. EIFS is designed to protect your external walls from moisture, heavy rain, and direct sunlight. With its multiple layers that work simultaneously to increase protection, extreme weather and climate conditions should not be a worry. It has very lightweight characteristics which make transporting the cladding system easy. At the same time, the installation and application of EIFS are easy.

Our experts offer high-quality EIFS system installation and EIFS repair!

Why Is EIFS Repair Necessary?

Never expect anything to be indestructible. Even the best of the best products that are integrated with technology and innovation is subject to damages as well. Many homeowners thought that EIFS is a permanent cladding system. In some cases, poor installation and improper application may result in poor performance of this cladding system. In such case, stucco crack repair and stucco hole repair is very frequent.

Subjecting your EIFS for repair helps you to prolong its lifespan. If you are thinking of the expenses, the cost of repairing an EIFS compared to opting for stucco removal and stucco installation at the same time can be more costly and expensive. EIFS repair is cheaper and more practical as it is easier and much quicker. The cost is also relatively inexpensive.

All American Stucco Repair is amongst the top stucco repair companies and stucco repair contractors in Florida. We have a dedicated team of stucco contractors and expert craftsmen that are very knowledgeable of the EIFS system. Our certified expert craftsmen have been doing stucco repair for years now and we can guarantee the best output. By establishing our methodology through research and industry experience, we have come up with the best practices on which we pride ourselves. It is without a doubt that All American Stucco Repair is one of the leading companies that can do just about anything with your stucco including stucco installation, stucco removal, exterior stucco repair.

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